Is it a risk to open tiktok forwards on Whatsapp even if you are not a Tik Tok user?

Tik Tok is not a spy app but it collects data like all other app.

Content: Fact, Privacy and Data, How Can you Protect your Data

Just Have a read to open your eyes and mind

Time is Precious use it wisely, wasting your time on Tik Tok with no outcome is useless. you are not only wasting time on Tik Tok but wasting efforts of your parents, Future

  1. Facts
  • With 800 Million Active Users Worldwide(i.e. collecting information of 10.25% of world population) with a contribution of 14.9% Indians (mainly youth spoiling there time)
  • Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post
  • Users had spent $50 million on TikTok as of the end of October 2018 (before TikTok introduced advertising).
  • In USA, 49% of Teenagers Have Used TikTok.
  • Unlike in most other countries, the typical Indian TikTok user is a male in his 20s. Indeed 90.5% of Indian TikTok users in December 2019 were male.

2.Privacy and Data

Tik Tok is not a spy app but but ( the doubt creating word) in its privacy policy it's given that it collects and uses your data

    • They collect information when you create an account and use the Platform
    • collect information you share with us from third-party social network providers,
    • if you grant us access / or you choose to provide information:
      For Example

      • age, username and password, language, and email or phone number
      • Profile information, such as name, social media account information, and profile image
      • Payment information, such as PayPal or other third-party payment information
      • Your phone and social network contacts, with your permission
      • Information from other sources
        • Social media
        • Third-party Services
        • Other users of the platform
      • Information Collected automatically are:
        • Location
        • Messages
        • Device Information
        • Usage
        • Cookies
      • 3. Data Protection

        • Clear Cookies and histories
        • Read Privacy policies if you think this site or app is inappropriate
        • give Limited permission to app for your device
        • keep Your browsing to yourself
        • Disable lockscreen Notification

        Hope it is helpful

        use time wisely in developing skills and doing something for nation

        again I will remind you Time Data and Privacy is yours and do Care of them

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