How To Make Money Writing On Vocal.Media? | How To Make Money Writing Online: Best Free & Paid Ways To Make Money For Writers In 2021

Here is how you could make money writing on Vocal Media.

You can make money writing on Vocal Media by just publishing articles and getting more views irrespective of the sources and the demography of the traffic. I am a writer on Vocal Media and have published over 50 articles and intended to publish over 1000 articles at the end of 2021. I know this is a huge milestone, but I think writing on Vocal Media is the best way to make money writing. I am a writer on Medium too and is getting 90,000 to 100,000 views but they aren’t paying for views instead of Medium-member read time.
What is VocalMedia?

Vocal Media is a platform where anyone could make an account and connect their Stripe account and start publishing stories and make money whenever someone reads your content. The idea is very simple. You write more articles, the article will ever be shared on social media or you getting ranked on search engines, all you need is more human readers on articles published on Vocal and you will be fine. You will make more money.

Vocal pay creators based on the reads. The more reads you get the more money you will make.

Who owns VocalMedia?

Vocal Media is owned by a public limited called Jerrick Media. Jerrick Media has invested a lot of money into the publishing business.

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We are also going to record an interview with Jonathan Sims. He is a top-earner on Vocal Media, making $2000+ a month writing on Vocal Media. We would ask some very interesting questions about Vocal Media and find out how he is crushing Vocal Media.

How can you make money on Vocal Media?

Vocal Media works based on a very simple methodology. When you sign-up for a Vocal Media account, you have to connect your Stripe and start publishing articles on Vocal Media. Through this method, you could start making money writing on Vocal Media.

You could make money through Vocal Media in five different ways;

  1. Getting more reads: Getting more reads means that you will make more money on Vocal. One thing of thing to note down here is that a “View” doesn’t equal a “Read” you may have more views but less number of reads as a read is counted only if the reader reaches the end of the article. For 1,000 reads Vocal pays $3.8 for the normal creator and $6 for a creator who has a Vocal+ subscription. If you are serious about writing on Vocal, then a Vocal+ subscription is your best bet.
  2. Through Tips: I have received three tips till now making it a total of $22. If you are just writing stories for the Vocal community then you could actually make over $100 through tips. Tipping is a great monetization tool introduced by Vocal and I think it is one of the unique ways to let your fans support you. If you find this article helpful, consider reading my stuff on Vocal here: Aamir Kamal, and leave a nice tip.
  3. Through Challenges: I have interviewed a top-earner on Vocal and according to him; “Vocal Challenges is the best way to make money on Vocal” A challenge is about anything you have to write about filling those constrains, and if your article is well-research, it might be selected as a winner in top-3 positions, and you will be paid accordingly. Vocal challenges is one of the best way to make more money in less time, we recently recorded an interview with Kathryn Milewskwi in this article we discussed about how she made over $4000 on Vocal Challenges.
  4. Including your blog links, or YouTube Videos: I do this quite often. If I am writing an article about something that I have already a blog post about or made a YouTube video then I just add my links. As my blog and YouTube are both monetized, it helps me make some money out of those link embedding.
  5. Through adding affiliate links: You can add affiliate links in your Vocal articles and if someone bought anything through that links, you will be getting paid for that. It is a very lucrative business if you knew someone who has a course and you make him/her pay you 50% of the profit if you generate any lead for them. I know people who have made over $2K just because of doing this.

Why do you need to buy a Vocal+ subscription or membership?

Vocal+ membership for me is definitely worth it. I will share my experience as a Vocal+ subscriber and if you find it good for yourself, you might opt-in for Vocal+ membership.

Some benefits of being a Vocal+ member are:

  • You make $6 per 1,000 reads compared to $3.8 as a non-Vocal+ creator.
  • You have to pay 2% of services charges on Tips compared to 6% on non-Vocal members.
  • You, being a Vocal+ creator can take part in Vocal challenges.

Let say, two creators, each having 10K reads a month, one of the creators is in Vocal+ membership while the other is not in Vocal+, let’s check out the earnings of both the creators.

  • The creator in the Vocal+ will make $60 with those 10K reads. But, you have to buy Vocal+ membership for $9.99 so that means a net-money of $50
  • The creator that isn’t in the Vocal+ will make $38.

The winner is the one who is in the Vocal+ membership as with the same number of reads, he is getting $12 more. This difference increases as that Vocal creator gets more reads. Also, investing money into something will make you more productive and you may end up writing more articles on Vocal. Being in the Vocal+ membership shows that you are serious about writing on the platform. They are also going to introduced more features that will be only available to the Vocal+ creators.

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