How do I get traffic to my blog? It is one month old.


  1. Write long-form content: This is for getting evergreen traffic. You can get huge organic traffic if you target a single keyword and write long-form content related to that keyword. Google often love long-form blog posts and the chances of YOU getting rank higher in a search engine are way higher if you write long-form content. You can read this post we published a year ago on this Quora space Aamir Kamal's post about writing long-form content | Blogging, And Marketing.
  2. Don’t just write on your blog: Yes, if you are just writing on your blog then you are missing big opportunities. There are other writing platforms where you could write like Quora, Medium, Vocal, Hubpages, Substack, and Twitter where you could write and start building an audience. These platforms are free and could help you reach your target audience.
  3. Make a community: Write about a single topic. Make an email newsletter and grow your community. Your email newsletter is yours. You could generate more leads to your blog or anywhere and with time as it grows, you can use more opportunities to monetize your content.
  4. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to share your blog posts. It has two benefits— You will get more traffic from the search engine and can also build a brand on Pinterest. Pinterest should be your first-go-to social media when you publish a blog post on your blog.
  5. Write a cornerstone content: This should be your first thing to do but as time passes by, you should edit your cornerstone blog post and add interlinks to your already published blog posts, or if there is anything new to things happening in the industry you are writing about.

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