Google introduces new features for its iPhone apps

The Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro recently went on pre-order in India.

Google on October 22 introduced some interesting new features to iOS 14, ahead of the iPhone 12 launch, which is scheduled to go on sale in India on October 30.

In its blog, Google said the new features will allow users to "customize Google apps to get the most out of your new phone".

The Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro recently went on pre-order in India. 

One of the new features include an option to personalise the user's home screen with Google's new widgets. "Widgets are new on iOS—they personalize your iPhone and give you quick access to your favorite apps," the blog post said. "Here’s a new one to try out: the Google Photos widget rotates through Memories from Google Photos so you can relive some of your best moments right on your homescreen," the post added.

Moreover, users can also add the YouTube Music widget to their iPhones. This will allow users to put their recently-played songs within easy reach.
The users can install the widgets by following these steps:

>> Press and hold on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

>> Tap the plus icon on the upper left corner to open the widget gallery.

>> Search for & tap on the Google app, YouTube Music or the Google Photos app.

>> Swipe right/left to select the widget size.

>> Tap “Add Widget”.

>> Place the widget and tap “Done” at the upper right corner.
Moreover, Google has also introduced Maps and YouTube music on Apple Watch, which means that users can now have access to certain features with, as Google put, a "flick of the wrist".

Users can also enabled other privacy features like Privacy Screen.

"Using Face ID or Touch ID on your iOS device, Privacy Screen will shield your files from view until it can verify it’s you. Privacy Screen is activated each time you close the Drive app and reopen it, or switch between Drive and another app," Google said in the bog post.

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