PUBG Mobile is still working in India but not the same anymore

Ever Since The Ban, Google And Apple Have Removed The Game From Their App Stores. Let’s Check Out The Latest Details Around PUBG Mobile Here.

PUBG Mobile has been the center of the gaming news in India ever since the ban on September 2, 2020. As previously noted, ever since the ban, Google and Apple have removed the game from their app stores. In fact, Android and iOS smartphone gamers can only install the game if they had previously installed the game. Previous game installs mean that the game is still associated with their Google or Apple ID. This ban came just weeks after PUBG Corp teased the launch of its major 1.0 version. It is also worth noting that PUBG Mobile players can still play the game in India. Let's check out the details around this and more PUBG Mobile related news here. Also Read - PUBG Mobile no longer listed on Play Store and App Store


According to the information available online, Indian players can still play the popular Battle Royale game. However, this is only temporary before the game developer shuts down its Indian game servers. We are unsure about the timeline of the server shut down. However, the company behind the game has already revealed that it will work with authorities to resolve things. In the meantime, some players are either shifting to other Battle Royale games in the market or the PC version. Also Read - FAU-G is India's answer to PUBG Mobile ban, an action game inspired by the Army
Beyond the switch to other games like Call of Duty: Mobile, some PUBG players are busy playing the game until the server shutdown. However, these players have noted that the game is not the same since the shutdown. Inspecting the reports, it looks like the game is now full of bots making for a weak experience.
Gamers also noted that the increased bots allowed them to easily win the Chicken Dinners in the game. This likely means that an increasing number of players are moving away from PUBG Mobile to other games. This information comes just days after Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced that teamed up with a game studio for FAU-G.

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